Why hire a licensed contractor?

This protects you, by guaranteeing standards of work for your project and compliance to code. The State of Utah requires all contractors and subcontractors that perform services for the general public to acquire the proper licensing. Requirements for this include:

  • Demonstration of experience and knowledge of the particular trade licensed
  • Understanding of the required business practices to meet state laws
  • Demonstration of financial responsibility
  • Payment into a fund specifically set aside to help victims of fraudulent practices

ICON REMODELING is experienced with the following specializations:

Assisted living accommodations for your home: Owner Vali Mahak holds the CAPS (Certified Aging in Place) certification for making homes safe and accessible for any age or ability, with an emphasis on aesthetically pleasing yet functional modifications. ICON REMODELING is experienced with designing especially creative solutions to meet your needs.

Green Remodeling:  Good design generally is green design as well, and always has been.    We have always focused on designing space that is efficient in terms energy use, choice of materials, and living:   this is sound design, in addition to the use of green products, recycled materials, low-VOC (volatile organic compmound) materials and paints, plywoods with non-formaldehyde glues, etc. We sort demolition waste into various recyclable materials.

What are the advantages of the Design-Build concept?

The design-build approach brings together professional design and construction experience:

Our company handles both design and construction, which means benefits you:

  • You enjoy greater continuity of service.
  • You realize efficiencies that can save time and money.
  • We partner with you in the design and remodeling of your home.

What is a Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR)?

In addition to holding a general contractor license (for Utah and California), owner Vali Mahak is a Certified Graduate Remodeler with the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB).

The Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) designation assures that your remodeler:

  • Meets NAHB prescribes standards of business practice
  • Demonstrates a proven track record of successfully completing projects
  • Has completed relevant educational requirements
  • Pledges to uphold the CGR Code of Ethics

In addition to holding a general contractor license, a Certified Graduate Remodeler has completed a series of NAHB courses, of which ICON REMODELING is a member. These courses enhance the ability of remodeling contractors to provide efficient, ethical service to the public.

See how the NAHB defines the CGR certification and code of ethics.

Do I need to hire an architect first?

Most limited-scale remodels do not require an architectural design. Icon Remodeling is a full-service company with in-house designers, computer-aided drafting capabilities, and a knowledge of what works and doesn’t work when it comes to remodeling.

Should your project require the services of an architect or engineer, we work with several excellent firms or individuals and we are happy to make a recommendation. And if you have designs provided by an architect, we welcome working with them.

Do you do smaller jobs?

Yes. While most of our projects involve medium-scale to larger-scale space redesign, additions, or full kitchen or bathroom remodels, we care about the everyday needs of our clients. Our goal is to work with you over a lifetime of projects, so we’ll gladly assist you with solutions to smaller needs, such as fixing a water tap, painting a wall, or anything else.

Can I get a free estimate?

Yes, for an approximate initial estimate of your range of cost: we provide a free onsite consultation, during which we can assist you with preliminary budget projections for the various aspects of your project.

Estimating the actual project costs is a very detailed process, which can only be performed once the project design is complete. We set up a detailed design arrangement with you, and a portion of the design contract (10%) is credited to your project cost if you award the construction project to ICON REMODELING .

Do you have references?

Just ask. We’ll be glad to provide you with a list of references for recent projects we have completed. At ICON REMODELING, one of our greatest satisfactions is what our clients have to say about our work. With literally hundreds of satisfied clients since 1991, we can provide you with a thorough list of clients who know and respect our work.


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